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Monday, August 09, 2004

The Burning

Today, another sampling of my dark poetry. This one was written last year.

The Burning©

The fires rage on the horizon for all to see.
Acrid smoke fills your lungs as you run from death.
Away from the flames, you flee into the dark, lost.
You collapse when you can run no more, your breath in ragged spurts.
You turn to find you are cornered, the heat of their breath is upon you.
Fear rises and you begin to weep as you realize the next burning begins with you.

As always I am happy to receive comments, critiques and complaints. Of course, as would be expected, I don't particularly like complaints but I will accept them...:-)

  • Today's Cure song is Never Enough from the Mixed Up CD - (1990) This song was first released in the UK on a CD titled "Absolution". This is guitar heavy song, a great tune with a jumpy rhythmic drum accompaniment. The Mixed Up version of this song was the first time most Americans heard it. Mixed Up was a collection of 9 Cure hits remixed for fans as we waited for new material between 1989 and 1992. According to Robert, "This is the record that drunk Cure fans should listen to, it makes you feel really good, which is unusual for us." I personally really like all of these versions.

"One more time to fill it up, one more time to kill. Whatever I do it's never enough"



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