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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Creepshow 3

Back again for a new horror movie review. This time out I present:

“Creepshow 3”

Unlike it's predecessors, this movie is NOT based on Stephen King short stories, and there-in lies a big part of the problem. One word captures the essence most perfectly -Terrible.

Not terrible as in filled with terror, oh no. More like, oh gawd this is terrible can I please have my hour and half back, along with my $1.00 rental fee??

Back up to a total of five stories, but no wrap around story this time. Instead, the directors Ana Clavell & James Glenn Dudelson orchestrated a loosely connected project. No real Creep this time unless you count the barely noticeable creppy hotdog vendor throughout. Losing also the great comic-book-style format from the first two, this outing leaves so very much to be desired by fans of the original and horror fans in general.

I won't regurgitate the stories in this post, they were just not well written at all. There was a flicker of hope in the story segment titled "Call Girl" but not enough to carry the whole movie. A nice little twist that actually made me think the rest of the movie might turn out worthwhile. Unfortunately it turned out to be more like Fool's Gold.

Maybe the time inbetween movies was too great and the original flare for this style is dead, we are afterall talking about 19 years since the last 80s release of the second installment. Maybe it really comes down to the fact that no King stories were used, his mastery of storytelling certainly raised the other volumes' worth. In any case I suffered through this movie in hopes of completing my review of this trilogy. I suffered and no you don't have to.

I have read online that there may be a fan or two who actually like this movie, it staggers the mind. Most often I would recommend that a fan of this genre go ahead and buy even a not so good movie if it completes a set, in this case I practically forbid it!!

Thanks for reading.

"Never quite said what i wanted
to say to you
Never quite managed the words to
explain to you
Never quite knew how to make
them beleivable... and now the time has gone,
another time undone."



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