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Monday, April 11, 2005

Sounds of the Dead

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My love for horror doesn't stop with books and movies. I bought these two original soundtracks from the fantastic composer John Harrison. What a great way to re-live the movies!

The first CD is the original soundtrack to the 1982 horror cult classic Creepshow . The composer, John Harrison, was actually employed as the Assistant Director on Creepshow, but stepped in to score the soundtrack when director George A. Romero decided that the 1950's library music he was initially going to use wasn't really what he was looking for. According to the liner notes, Romero just kind of said, "Go for it!" and this is the excellent result.

Also included on this CD is music from a few episodes of the hit TV show Tales from the Darkside, which Harrison actually wrote and directed as well as scored. There's also a few demo tracks from George Romero's aborted project Shoobie Doobie Moon (which was planned to be a send-up of 1950's monster movies). All this information is summarized from the 13 page color booklet with screen shots from the movie.

The second CD is a limited edition (3000 copies, and I got number 2274) soundtrack to the Romero classic Day of the Dead. It kicks off with the lengthy "Dead Suite" - a 19 minute piece of music containing the music from the first five minutes of the film and uses the memorable cues and themes that continue along the storyline of the movie. In my head I was also hearing the dialogue from the opening sequence.

The other tracks use other cues and themes found throughout the movie. The final 5 bonus tracks are various cues (some repeated from the "Dead Suite"), but with additional sound effects from the movie - zombies munching, ripping flesh and moaning. Too Cool! This one came with a 12 page booklet containing interesting notes both Harrison and Romero.

Die-hard horror fans might appreciate the joy I found when I opened the package I received in the mail and found these 2 soundtracks in perfect condition taking me back on two journeys of horrific fun!

  • Today's Cure song is "A Short Term Effect" from the Pornography CD-(1982) Here is a song RObert says is about drugs and their short term effect. As you listen to the music it does kind of feel like the ending of a rush. Not an uplifting song to say the very least, but still a classic from the early repertoire.

"A day without substance
A changeof thought
An atmosphere that rots with time
Colours that flicker in water
A short term effect"



Blogger Didou said...

Ah yes, I remember Creepshow. I can't say the music left a very strong mark on me, as I can't remember one of them. I should see if I can find that soundtrack in the CD rental place I go to.

The character on the Creepshow cover reminds me of the crypt keeper, the character that used to narrate the tales in Tales from Crypt. The opening theme is still my mind today, now that is a song I remember. :-D

I wonder if I could find it somewhere.

Monday, April 11, 2005 4:21:00 PM  
Blogger Suburban Hen said...

Pssst! I've moved! Again!

Monday, April 11, 2005 8:23:00 PM  

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