ATTENTION! This is a Rotting Dead safety alert! *Warning* - The following shelters have been closed due to overwhelming zombie activity in the area: Midtown Civic Center/Tucson,AZ - Dearborne Athletic Center/Boulder,CO - Carlin Research Institute/Dover,DE - Maestro Convention Center/Miami,FL - Brady's Memorial Hospital/Lansing,MI - Kindgom Hospital/Castle Rock,ME - Greens Elementary/St. Louis,MO - Allied Mutual West/Minneapolis,MN - Sunrise Medical Ceter/Hendricks,NV - Glasgow Shiners Convention Center/Ennis,MT - Las Alemedas Civic Hall/San Antonio,TX - Harris County Hospital District/Houston,TX - Pallisades Community Center/Salt Lake City,UT - - - Bloggers are urged to remain in their homes and stay away from highly populated areas of the city. This message will repeat....

Friday, August 20, 2004

A Rotting Dead Break

No real post today, but please feel free to explore my blog. Click HERE to read the horror short story I recently posted in 3 parts. Check out the Movie Talk section for my thoughts on a growing list of horror movie reviews. Visit some of my friends by checking out the list of Blogs that I frequent. You can also see all the Cure songs I have highlighted thus far. And don't forget to read the Fine Print.

Have great weekend!

  • Today's Cure song is The Caterpillar from The Top CD-(1984) This is another song where lyrics may not actually reflect any real meaning. A real fun song to listen to though.

"You flicker and you're beautiful, You glow inside my head"



Blogger Leah said...

Your blog makes me happy :)

Friday, August 20, 2004 1:20:00 PM  
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