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Saturday, August 07, 2004

His Royal Badness!

Incredible! After more than two decades of making music and finally getting inducted into the Music Hall of Fame, Prince still sings, dances, and performs like he is in his prime!

The 2 hour 40 minute Prince show last night (First of two here in Houston,TX) was absolutely spectacular. The main setlist was as follows:

Let's Go Crazy
I Would Die 4 U
When Doves Cry
Baby I'm A Star!
D.M.S.R-(feat Pass the Peas)
I Feel 4 U
Controversy (with a little of Sheila E's "Love Bizarre")

Georgia on My Mind (Featured Maceo taking center stage doing great Ray Charles tribute)
Then Renato gave us a "Sometimes It Snows In April" medley

The acoustic set:
Little Red Corvette
I Wanna Be Your Lover
Raspberry Beret
Prince And The Band
Alphabet St.
The Rules>On The Couch (Showing his great sense of humor as well as blues skills)

Then the band joined back in for the second main set:
Sign O' The Times
Pop Life
Let's Work
U Got The Look
Life O' The Party
Soul Man
Take Me With U

Encore Set:
Beautiful Ones (A very nice treat)
Nothing Compares To U
Purple Rain

John Blackwell blew me away with his thundering intro to "Shhh" and this is where the real party started!!

I really liked Renato's "Sometimes It Snows In April" instrumental while Prince changed outfits.

Prince also did a little Beyonce action and commented "Oh lawd I ain't got no botty y'all, Houston can I borrow some booty?!"

The Rules/On the Couch blues session was fan-freakin'-tastic! Watching his genius flow acoustically was more than worth the price of the ticket. "Y'all can leave if you want to, I'm just jamming."

Finally, "The Beautiful Ones" was a sensational way to start the three song encore set.

Ahhhh, Satisfied in Houston!!!!

(P.S. In honor of Prince's great show last night, there will be no Cure song featured today. Much love to Robert Smith and the band, but today is Prince's day to shine. Wish I could go to the second show!!)


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