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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What's in my CD player?

I decided to write a post about all the other music I listen from time to time. Although The Cure is my all time favorite band, and I do have just about everything they have released on CD, there are quite a few other artists I enjoy listening to.

Long time readers and friends know that I am also a big Prince fan, as evident in my post about his most recent concert stop in Houston for Musicology. But what else can found spinning for the laser light to read?

I like a variety of music from across the spectrum of possibilities, R&B, Classical, Rap, Alternative, Classic Rock, 80s, Disco, Metal, and a very little country & tejano.
Here is sample list of music I like listening to, highlighting some of my favorite songs:
  • ABBA (Dancing Queen, Waterloo, Fernando)
  • AC/DC (Who made who?, Back in Black, Highway to Hell)
  • A-Ha (Take On Me) {Okay so they are kinda like a one hit wonder, but they actually have been making music from 1985 to 2003}
  • Aerosmith (Walk This Way,Dream On, I Don't Want To Miss A Thing)
  • Beatles (Hello Goodbye, Help!, Eleanor Rigby)
  • Bach (The Brandenburg Concertos)
  • Billy Joel (You May Be Right,Movin' Out, Only The Good Die Young)
  • Blondie (Dreamin',Call Me, Rapture)
  • Bruce Springsteen (Born in the Usa, Born to Run, Dancing in the Dark)
  • Bee Gees (Tragedy, Night Fever, More Than a Woman)
  • Beethoven (Moonlight Sonata)
  • B-52s (Roam, Rock Lobster, Love Shack)
  • Beastie Boys (New Stlye, Brass Monkey,So What'cha Want)
  • Cure ( just about any post in my blog history, but my favorite would have to be "To The Sky")
  • Cheap Trick (She's Tight, Surrender, I Want You To Want Me)
  • Cars (Drive, Magic, Shake It Up)
  • CCR (Bad Moon Rising, The Midnight Special, Have You Ever Seen The Rain?)
  • Culture Club (Miss Me Blind, Karma Chameleon, Time-Clock of the Heart)
  • Cameo (Word Up!, Sparkle in Your Eyes, Candy)
  • Cyndi Lauper (True Colors, Time After Time, Change of Heart)
  • Denali (Gunner, Everybody Knows, Lose Me)
  • Depeche Mode (Enjoy the Silence, Policy of Truth, Strange Love)
  • Donna Summer (Hot Stuff, On The Radio, Last Dance)
  • Deftones (Change-In The House of Flies, Hexagram, back to School)
  • DuranDuran (Come Undone, Union of the Snake, Hungry Like the Wolf)
  • Eminem (Just Don't Give a Fuck, Stan, Without Me)
  • Elvis (Don't Be Cruel, All Shook Up, Jailhouse Rock)
  • Eagles (Lying Eyes, Hotel California, Life in the Fast Lane)
  • Elton John (I'm Still Standing, Benny and the Jets, Nikita)
  • Enya (Anywhere Is, Only If, Only Time)
  • Erasure (Blue Savannah, Sometimes, A Little Respect)
  • Earth, Wind & Fire (September, Shining Star, Boogie Wonderland)
  • Fats Domino (I'm Walkin', Blueberry Hill, Whole Lot of Loving)
  • Fleetwood Mac (Everywhere, Hold Me, Little Lies)
  • Garbage (I'm Only Happy When it Rains, Queer, Stupid Girl)
  • George Michael (Monkey, Faith, Kissing a Fool)
  • Gwen Stefani (It's My Life, I Know We're Cool, What Cha' Waiting For?)
  • Heart (Baracuda, Dog & Butterfly, Crazy on You)
  • INXS (The One Thing, What You Need, Devil Inside)
  • Ice Cube (Once Upon Time in the Projects, You Can't Fade Me, It Was a Good Day)
  • Janet Jackson (Let's Wait Awhile, Escapade, When I Think of You)
  • Journey (Don't Stop Believin', Who's Crying Now?, Lovin'-Touchin'-Squeezin')
  • Janis Joplin (Summertime, Me & My BobbyMcGee, Cry Baby)
  • Jefferson Airplane/Starship (Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, Find Your Way Back,Don't You Want Somebody to Love?)
  • KISS (Detroit Rock City, Love Gun, Tears Are Fallin')
  • Linkin Park (Numb, Points of Authority, Crawling)
  • Madonna (Borderline, Material Girl, Deeper & Deeper)
  • Morrisey/The Smiths (This Charming Man, Hairdresser on Fire, Everyday is Like Sunday, Girlfriend in a Coma, Panic, The More You Ignore Me the Closer I Get)
  • Michael Jackson (Thriller, Smooth Criminal, Rock With You)
  • Men At Work (It's A Mistake, Overkill, Down Under)
  • Metallica (Master of the Puppets, Dyer's Eve, Blackened)
  • Naked Eyes (Promises-Promises, Voices in My Head, Always Something There to Remind Me)
  • No Doubt (The Climb, Spiderwebs, Don't Speak)
  • Norah Jones (Come Away With Me, Don't Know Why, Sunrise)
  • Ozzy (Crazy Train, No More Tears, Paranoid)
  • Otis Redding (These Arms of Mine, I've Been Loving You Too Long, Dock of the Bay)
  • Pat Benetar (Heartbreaker, Invinsible, Shadows of the Night)
  • Paul McCartney (Band on the Run, Silly Love Songs, With a Little Luck)
  • Pet Shop Boys (What Have I Done to Deserve This?, Westend Girls, It's a Sin)
  • Prince (Impossible to pick just a few...When Doves Cry, Soft & Wet, Call My Name, Do Me Baby, Theives in the Temple, Insatiable, Morning Papers, Adore, Slow Love, Seventeen Days, Raspberry Beret....just to name a few)
  • Police (Message in a Bottle, Don't Stand So Close to Me, Every Breath You Take)
  • Paula Abdul (Straight Up, Forever Your Girl, Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up)
  • Queen (Killer Queen, Another One Bites the Dust, A Kind of Magic)
  • Run DMC (Kind of Rock, Peter Piper, Proud to be Black)
  • Rolling Stones (Satisfaction, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Start Me Up)
  • Stevie Nicks (Edge of Seventeen, Leather & Lace, Stand Back)
  • Supertramp (Breakfast in America, Logical Song, Give a Little Bit)
  • Stevie Wonder (Isn't She Lovely?, You Are the Sunshine of my Life, Signed-Sealed-Delivered I'm Yours)
  • Steely Dan (Hey Nineteen, Peg, FM)
  • Sundays (Here is Where the Story Ends, Summertime, Goodbye)
  • Toto (Hold the Line, Rosana, I'll Be Over You)
  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (American Girl, Refugee, You Got Lucky)
  • U2 (Pride, Zoo Station, Sunday Bloody Sunday)
  • Van Halen (Hot For Teacher, Jump, Panama)
  • Wham! (Careless Whispers, A Different Corner, I'm Your Man)
  • AND Originals Movie Soundtracks (Grease, Creepshow, Heavy Metal)

Wow! Now that is a lot of music. That is not all I listen to, but a damn good sampling. Leave comments, shoot me an e-mail, enjoy some music, have a great day!!

As ever, I close with a favortie from The Cure...

  • Today's Cure song is Catch from the Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me CD -(1987) A simple song about a girl he used to know. Very soft with beautiful violins!

"You know I even think that she smiled like you
She used to just stand there and smile
And her eyes would go all sort of far away
And stay like that for quite a while"



Blogger zam said...

That's a heck of disc changer you've got there, CJ.

And, your cool factor was bumped up a few notches with the Deftones entry. Throw in a little Tool and some Chevelle, and it will sky rocket.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005 5:24:00 PM  
Blogger Tony said...

I knew you were cool due to your love of the cure, but I also have to bump you some notches due to:

Back in Black-one of the greatest CD's ever.

Abba- I am a fag, if we don't like Abba, they take away my toaster.

Aerosmith still rocks.

Blondie & B52's: Love both

I LOVE Heart.

You know my feelings about Garbage

The more you ignore me... my favorite Morrissey/Smiths song.

You should check out the Soundtrack to The Craft. It's old, but really good.

Friday, April 22, 2005 3:10:00 AM  
Blogger Roberto Iza Valdes said...

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Sunday, November 06, 2005 8:44:00 PM  
Blogger Roberto Iza Valdes said...

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005 1:53:00 PM  
Blogger Iza Firewall said...

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Monday, August 20, 2007 8:17:00 PM  

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