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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Day of the Dead

“They HAVE over-run us, you know?”

Day of the Dead,” is perhaps the most chilling zombie movie in the Living Dead trilogy. Many critics have taken shots at this film for it’s rushed feel or the excessive amount of gore. I feel that it is a perfect addition to the series and the amount of gore is not only acceptable but also preferred. Directed by George A. Romero, this third installment of zombies released in 1985 was given the tagline “The darkest day the world has ever known.” If “Night of the Living Dead” begins the tale, and Dawn of the Dead shows the following fall of society, then “Day of the Dead” truly paints a grim picture of the future.

So, as you know the world has been taken over by zombies. Created by a condition, which is much like a viral disease, that causes bodies of the recently dead to come to life and attack the living. We are introduced to a group of scientists and soldiers who occupy an underground government facility. They have been working on finding a solution to the zombie plague while periodically sending out a search party to find other survivors.

What we find is tension in the group. As the scientists struggle to get a better understanding of the zombies, the commanding officer is not pleased with the lack of progress and the severity of the low supplies. When we add in one doctor who is longer playing with a full deck, we have a powder keg of personalities ready to be set off.

Captain Rhodes is played by Joe Pilato, returning to the dead world as a major character expounding on his success with cameos in Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead” and a 1981 film titled “Knightriders” (Which by the way was also directed by Romero and has performances from Ken Foree and Tom Savini. Now, where have I seen those names before?). Sarah (Lori Cardille) is our heroine and represents the last shred of common sense and integrity.

There is a lot of gore in this film, from gunshots, zombie bites, and nightmares of anatomy like some exposed intestines spilling out onto the floor. Tom Savini uses the bulk of the filming budget to create some of the most gruesome scenes ever. Having an entire team to assist him this time out, Savini definitely raised the bar for zombie gore to an Olympic event level.

What I really liked about this film (aside from the gratuitous violence) was Sarah’s character. Romero could have made her a Laura Croft-esue gun toting smart-ass, but instead she is intelligent and a leader very able to take care of herself. The plot was also well done. I understand that this is not the script Romero originally submitted to the producers, but I personally think it came out just right. The sound track is another fantastic contribution by John Harrison (of Creepshow fame). At times the music seems so sad and goes perfect with the end of the world scenario.

Until recently, “Day of the Dead” was the last film in Romero’s Living Dead series. There is documented evidence that Romero has now picked up the mantle one last time and will direct “Land of the Dead” to complete the saga. Zombie fans the world over await his genius to once again bring us the nightmare world of the Living Dead on October 21st 2005!

  • Today's Cure song is Plainsong from the Disintegration CD-(1989) Light chimes slowly build from a very low decible level to a sudden smahing crescendo with strong keyboard chords. This intro song for the album is one of my very favorites. Very often used as the opening song for the "Prayer" tour back in 1989, "Plainsong" is anything but plain.

{{"I think it's dark and it looks like rain" you said. "And the wind is blowing like it's the end of the world" you said}}



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