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Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm Back with...stuff

Okay so I haven’t posted in awhile, but I am back. I realize that I have not had a horror-related post in a few months but sometimes life is too full of other stuff. So here we go with some other stuff...:-)

The most prominent thing on my mind is a thought rattling around regarding deep philosophical (cosmic even) elements. Whoa, isn’t that a heavy statement? With the holidays still fresh in the air, I was thinking about the true meaning of christmas. You know the birth of commercialism?? Just kidding, that is a post for another time.

What I am referring to is that old idea the christmas season should be about love and kindness to family, friends and strangers alike. So it got me to thinking, isn’t love one of the few things that are eternal? Oh I know that will stir up controversy, but I am a firm believer in that concept.

Why? I am so glad you asked. I think love is an awesome element of our universe. Though we can’t see it, can’t touch it nor can we always accurately describe it, it is something that can be felt all over. It resonates in your soul and brings both the highest joys and the deepest pains. It is here before we are born, and it remains after we cross over from this Earthly existence.

They say that energy is never destroyed; only changed. Since the big bang, that which is created grows and expands...forever. When you encounter love (discover it) it stays with you and permeates many aspects of your life...forever. A parent’s love for their children or family, romantic love of one individual for another, and agape love for friends or strangers all fit this description in my opinion.

Something else I feel is eternal, would be the soul (which those science enthusiasts would say is still a form of energy). That is why love can be forever, because our souls may leave this plane, but retain the memory of those they have loved or who have loved them. So maybe you say, “Ha! a memory of love is not the same thing.”....but isn’t it?

I mean that is why a lost love can still cut deep when you remember it years later. The same goes for love of someone who has passed on, you sit and remember him or her fondly many years after they have died and suddenly you can be filled with their essence. The love you have for them is renewed in your memory and if you believe that spirits who pass on retain all that they were, then at that moment they also get to recapture the love you shared.

Like I said,....deep philosophical stuff.


  • Today's Cure song is "Cut" from the Wish CD-(1992)  The drums bang out on this one and it sounds like a train ride, pumping, pulsing down the track of emotion. Robert simply states this: "hatred"

"If only you'd never look at me
The way that you do
If only you'd never look like that
When i look at you
I see face like stone, Eyes of ice
Mouth so sweetly telling lies
I wish you felt the way that i still do"



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