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Saturday, January 05, 2008

What else is new?

Whoa, another post on almost the same day?! Someone's got writing fever!!!

I was just thinking about my blog here; my Blog of the Rotting Dead. If you have ever read my first few posts, you'll know I kind of explained why I chose that name; if you haven’t read about it yet...what are you waiting for, an invitation? Okay, I am personally inviting you to click over to the left and find my oldest posts archive. Go back to my first posts and learn a little more about your Rotting Dead host and this blog. I’ll be here when you get back...

All done? No?? What do you mean you didn’t go back there? Why not?? Oh I see, you like to fly by the seat of your pants and just read straight through huh? Well more power to you, but you might get a little lost in the following thoughts and ideas if you have no idea where I am coming from. Then again, I get a little lost myself.

Now where was I? Oh yeah, right I love horror. I am currently reading a short horror novel titled “Eat the Dark” by Joe Schreiber, and I love the suspense of it. I recently watched “The Descent” but it wasn’t all that great. Although they were a few really well placed ‘jumps’ in the film, the acting was kind of weak and the ending was mediocre at best. It probably would rate about a D+ (C- if I am feeling really generous) but overall not really worth an entire post as a review. I'll be doing a movie review on something with more class soon I promise.

Most important of late, I am so very proud to announce I have a newly completed horror short story to add to my cannon of literature. Color me ‘Beaming’ (which by the way is a kind of blend of purple and magenta with orange flares when I see it). My very first horror story was about 13 pages, and my second short story was 11 pages, but this small masterpiece is a sensational 26 pages!! I would be happy to forward a copy to any fans of my previous work. Just drop me an e-mail found in my profile.

I am considering a couple of projects for my next writing endeavor. The first would be another short story idea I have in draft form; this would be more fantasy/sci-fi rather than horror. As much as I love horror, I also dig the sci-fi world and much of the fantasy realms. One reason I want to write this particular story is to see if my magical muse can assist me in creating a great story that is not horror. Now never fear, I certainly have some other horror stories on the radar. Although none of them are anywhere near completion, they sit and simmer.

Another project I am interested in tackling is a screenplay. You see my wife is a writer as well and is actually working on an epic novel. I was talking to her about imagery and bring stories to life and the next thing you know it hit me, why not try to bring a story more alive by rendering a screenplay? Now immediately I chose not to do one of my own as I cherish them the way they are. I would have to either have someone else do it for me or really wish to see a particular story of mine translated to a screenplay and I don’t see that happening in the near future. So, I thought about her story and now have her first chapter in my hard drive waiting for me to breathe new life into it.

And now...

"If only tonight we could sleep
In a bed made of flowers
If only tonight we could fall
In a deathless spell!!!



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