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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Breakin' Necks!

Did you ever see Will Sasso on MadTV when was portraying Steven Segal? Those are some of the most hilarious skits!! But it reminded me of the sounds of real necks breaking. Not that I have ever heard one in person but from the countless movies that show death in that manner, one can assume that it sounds something like that.

I 'pop' my neck every now and then and it sounds kind of wicked, but I have heard others 'pop' their necks and it sounds like they are breaking their own neck. CRACK!!!!!!!! (Sounds very painful)

So I can imagine what a real neck break might sound like. Instantaneous death (from what I understand) and a very satisfying crunch. Hey, that sounds like a commercial....

{Tired of that same old breakfast cereal that just sits in the bowl and absorbs the milk, getting soggy and leaving you feeling a little soggy yourself? Try New Neck Breaks! Here is a cereal that stays crunchy in milk and has more than the recommended daily allowance of calcium.
Neck Breaks, The morning cereal with a satifying crunch!}

Okay, so I am little twisted, but it takes all kinds right? See you tomorrow.

Rotting Dead (Also known as CJ)


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