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Thursday, April 26, 2007

And now the news...

I would like to vent about today's media, specifically the news. With the entire world to report on (tragedies being the most noticable), there is rarely a shortage of stories to report. However the sensationalistic nature of most news programs can be nauseating!

"We are back now with our Live continuing, round the clock, cross country,non-stop, in depth team coverage"

I mean come on, do we really care about the cousin of the man who once saw the sister of the guy who used teach the delivery man who first called in the _________? (Fill in the blank with shooting, fire, kidnapping, etc.) Now let me say that I am not insensitive to events such as the recent Virgina Tech tragedy. There is most definitely a need to have enough exposure to cover the details and find some healing in knowing the whole story.

But other times, the news comes out with a breaking story about a local fire and the next thing you know they are interviewing some guy who is not even connected to the incident and asking him if he knows anything further. What??!!! Or how about the one time I watched this reporter go live to his man on the scene in the local news chopper and it went something like this....

Reporter: We've been reporting on a warehouse fire that has broken out over near the north side of town. At this time we still don't know how the fire started or if there are any casualties. But more on this developing story now as we go to Chuck Wood who is live at the scene. Chuck tell us what you have learned.

Correspondant: Well Skip, there is some confusion her at the scene as firefighters are trying to subdue these flames and there is still no word from the administrator of this facility. At this point we do not know if this is a chemical fire, whether arson was involved, or if there was anyone in the building at the time the fire started.

Skip: Chuck, can you tell me if they know whether or not there was an explosion or did report come in as just a fire that started mysteriously?

Skip we don't know as of yet the exact cause, but I can tell you that the fire chief I spoke to just moments ago did call in a second alarm or it could have been a third alarm, the details are sketchy.

Skip: Chuck I can see dark black smoke coming from the center of the building, is that possibly produced by some kind of chemical product that was stored there?

Chuck: Well right now we don't know what kind of facility this is, nor what was stored here. We are not certain if it is active site or just a storage location.

Skip: Okay Chuck keep us up to date. If you are just joining us, we are bringing you live pictures of a fire over in the North side of town, possibly the northeast. We do not know at this time what caused the fire, and we do not know if anyone has been injured. We will continue to bring you live, continuing, round the clock, non-stop, in depth team coverage as we learn more.

I watched this and I was like...."You broke into my daily programming to tell me that you have no clue what is actually going on??"

Give me a break!!

  • Today's Cure song is Shake Dog Shake from The Top CD-(1984) Classic mopey goth rock with a hard bassline from a CD that doesn't get much talk time even among hardcore fans. According to Robert: hating myself ... but a fab open guitar tuning ...!

"Your face
I'll never see you this way again
I captured it so perfectly
As if I knew you'd disappear away"



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