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Friday, July 16, 2004

Photoshop Phridays!

If you have never heard of Something, you gotta check it out. My favorite feature is Photoshop Phridays were they take average pictures and movie posters and modify them with hilarious results.
What has this got to do with horror? Not a damn thing!! *L*  I love all kinds of humor, including average, twisted, off-color, whatever! Jokes, limericks, pictures, and of course movies that make me laugh help to balance my obsession with horror. Of course, if it is both, so much the better!! For example, one of the worst horror movies was "Garden of the Dead" (Read this review for more: ) It had some terrible acting which makes for a fun movie to make fun of. I often rent or buy movies from the horror section with strange titles only to find that they are worse than B-movies. Not that B-movies are bad, but they at least had somewhat decent plots.


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Welcome to the blogging world!!!!

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