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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tokyo Zombie

I love B-movies, and once in awhile you watch one that makes you think, "What's the category listing below B?"
The answer might be, "Tokyo Zombie."

To say that is was terrible would be going to far...or perhaps it would giving it a compliment. What is it that makes B-movies so campy? Well, let's see. It is the cheesy dialogue, the bad acting, and the loosely tied together plot. In this gem from Japan, all of these aspects are even worse than usual.

Fujio and Mitsuo are two factory workers without a clue. Well they have a clue but it is that they think Jujitsu is everything in life.....and that's it. When they accidentally kill their boss, they take his body to a mountain waste dump where everyone dumps not only their trash but anything else they want to be rid of including bodies and toxic waste. Now isn't that a recipe for an army of the undead to rise up? And rise they do, but not in any great fashion.

So when I say the dialogue is bad, there are parts where the protagonists just look at each , wide eyed & silent, and the silence in NOT a plot device. When there is some action, it is almost like watching a rejected episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. No wait, even that would be more engaging than this movie.

Well I wish I could say that there was at least one redeeming quality that made it worth watching. I mean I did have to read the subtitles which made the dialogue painfully obvious. Perhaps there was afterall one thing about it that caused me to at least watch it until the end, it was almost a decent comedy.

At any rate, here is the much cooler trailer, this music used in this trailer is not even in the movie!!

Tokyo Zombie Trailer

Until next time,