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Monday, August 30, 2004

Night of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead. The classic. The one movie that is mainly responsible for my love of the horror genre. There is no way I can do it justice but I certainly wanted to give it deserved space and respect.

"It has been established that persons who have recently died have been returning to life and committing acts of murder. A wide investigation of reports from funeral homes, morgues and hospitals has concluded that the unburied dead are coming back to life and seeking human victims..." (-original script excerpt)

George A. Romero boldly stepped up to the plate in 1968 and changed the genre of horror forever. Adapted from John Russo’s novelette, the entire story takes place over the course of one night. It follows the predicament of a group of seven people who take sanctuary in a farmhouse as the horrifying phenomenon of the living dead begins. As they battle against the increasing number of the walking dead outside, their situation slowly becomes more dire. Finally they even begin turning on themselves.

One of the factors that make this film so impressive is understanding that is done on a very low budget, something like $112,000. As it was shot crudely in black and white, the overall impression seemed intent on a B-movie status. However, this film quickly garnered a cult following and is one of the most classic horror movie to date.

Fairly good acting for the time period as they create some believable characters bringing Russo's story to life. The movie starred a little known cast which featured a performance from then 9 year old Krya Schon. I had the privilege of meeting Kyra on-line, and she is awesome!!. She is now a 40 something adult and has her own websiteThe Ghoul Next Door. Of course there is not much more to say about the plot (unless of course you have never seen this movie and do not understand the quote "They're coming to get you Barbara."). Somewhere on the East coast, a community is terrorized by the recently deceased, and these slow stumbling zombies crave human flesh.

A little gore (created by special effect genius Tom Savini), a lot of moaning, and precarious moments make for a sensational movie. The earliest form of defense is to shoot and then burn. (Of course now we know more about Surviving the Zombie Plague.) A group of people thinks they have found safety in a farmhouse near a cemetery. Hammers, nails, shotguns, kerosene and fruit jar cocktails are the methods of the day to try and stop the zombie horde.

This movie was inducted into the National Film Registry on November 16, 1999. Woo Hoo, way to go Romero! You are now a part of national film history!!

There was also a remake in 1990. Tom Savini returns, this time behind the camera to direct the re-telling of this classic. The plot is the same, but the budget has increased and so have the special effects. A very well done story with a couple of new twists.

  • Today's Cure song is Wrong Number from the Galore CD-(1997) A great addition to the Cure's reportiore. Jumpy with solid drum rhythms and quirky lyrics!

"You've got to make up your mind and make it soon. Is there room in your life for one more trip to the moon?"


Thursday, August 26, 2004

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

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What a fantastically campy 80s movie!! Usually filed under Horror (other times it is listed as Sci-Fi, Comedy or a B-Movie) Killer Klowns from Outer Space is a treat for lovers of things bizarre.

The Plot:
Aliens land just outside of a small town and they are intent on capturing the entire population. A group of college students figure out the plan and work to stop them.

The Twist:
These aliens look like clowns. But these are no ordinary circus clowns, these Klowns sport disgusting teeth, grotesque make-up, guns that fire popcorn bullets, and other weapons that help capture the town’s people in cotton candy cocoons. There is no joyful happiness with these horrible visitors as they slowly begin to take everyone and leave only their chilling laughter.

Now there are some folks who find the average clown (like the ones at the Barnum & Bailey circus) creepy enough already, but throw in the ability to make a balloon animal act like a real bloodhound, a thirst for drinking human blood through a wacky straw, and shadow puppets that eat people, and you have yourself a real nightmare!

There are many moments in this movie that will make a B-movie fan hysterical with laughter, however as a horror movie, it does have some evil elements. One great example is the cotton candy cocoons. Once captured inside, a person apparently begins to dissolve as they are hung up for storage. Along comes a thirsty Klown with a super long silly straw and you can’t help but get kind of creeped out. Now there are not a lot of special effects in this low budget romp, but what there were enough to create some good gore, anticipation, and suspense. The title song is also a real hoot! Sung by The Dickies, it is a very catchy tune. Find the CD here---> KKFOS on Amazon (with a sound clip)

Because the premise is so outrageous, one shouldn’t expect to take it too seriously. The humor is cheesy at best but where the hell else are you going to see a Klown pop out of a pizza box and shoot a woman, turning her into a cotton candy cocoon?

My favorite quote from this movie, “What are you gonna do with those pies boys?”

  • Today's Cure song is "Friday I'm in Love" from the Wish CD-(1990) A very popular pop hit. Very happy and cheerful and definitely one of the songs which break away from the melancholic norm of the bands genre. Nothing wrong with that at all!

"I don't care if monday's black. Tuesday, Wednesday heart attack. Thursday never looking back, it's friday i'm in love "


Wednesday, August 25, 2004


More original dark poetry from your Rotting Dead host...



deep into flesh

blood pulsing out

another wound is opened

overwhelming the senses

slowly fading

As always, compliments, complaints, critiques and comments are welcome.

  • Today's Cure song is Disintegration from the Disintegration CD-(1989) The title track from this spectacular CD starts with the sound of smashing glass. This song (driven by classic heavy bass and banging drums) tells the tale of melancholic love and abuse. With sad lyrics and an occasional sound of glass breaking in the background, Robert creates spectacularly vivid imagery of the concept of disintegration.

"Screaming like this in the hole of sincerity. Screaming me over and over and over. I leave you with photographs, pictures of trickery, stains on the carpet and stains on the memory. Songs about happiness murmured in dreams, when both of us knew how the end always is... "


Monday, August 23, 2004

Exorcist: The Beginning

Since I saw the movie on Saturday, I wanted to post a review while it was still fresh on my mind.
First let me say that review comes in two flavors, General and the Spoiler Edition. The spoiler edition is clearly marked and can be passed over if you choose not to read it.

Now, as horror movie reviewer, I give this movie a C. It was not a movie which will reach "Horror Movie All Time Great' status by any stretch of the imagination, however it was not a total loss. What I liked about this movie from an objective point of view was the plot. Even if you are not a fan of the Exorcist series, as a horror movie it serves up a fair amount of the genre staples. There are moments which may make you jump and others where the suspense is simply unbearable due to a well written story.

The Story:
Years before Father Lancaster Merrin helped save Regan MacNeil's soul (in The Exorcist), he first encounters the demon in East Africa. This is the tale of Father Merrin's initial battle with Pazuzu and the rediscovery of his faith. Merrin is contracted to help in the excavation of a church that has been uncovered as part of an archaeological dig in Kenya. As their desent into the unknown begins, an evil is unleashed unto the land with horrific results.

Simple enough. This film stars Stellan Skarsgård, who is probably unknown to most US audiences as most of his early work (Mid 1970s) is from Sweden and Norway, does a great job in creating a believable early version of Father Merrin.

Now for something more in depth:
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*SPOILERS VERSION~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
As a fan of Blatty's story, I think this film was fantastic! Therefore I would give it a B+ for what it is, a prequeal. Many of the critics are judging this film harshly as a flop due to its lack of cutting edge horror tactics or its slow build up. However, that is one thing that makes the plot so strong. The plot is what drives this film and does a superb job of giving Exorcist fans a well defined background. We find Lankaster Merrin in Egypt, haunted by memories of World War II. He has taken leave from the priesthood and is indulging himself in alcohol and self pity in an attempt to forget and escape all the atrocities of war that he had witnessed .

Because he has a background in archeology , he comes to lead a British excavation (in the remote Turkana region of Kenya) of a mysterious, Byzantine church from the 5th century, long before Christianity arrived in East Africa, buried in pristine condition as if on the day it was completed. Following some mysterious clues, he uncovers a secret crypt directly underneath the church where something much more ancient and evil awaits. His very first encounter with Pazuzu!

The special effects are not spectacular but they do the trick in alluding to a manevolent force loose in the village. Beds shaking, cold breath where evil is present, and lots of blood are not new to horror fans, but again director Renny Harlin (Director of Die Hard 2, The Long Kiss Goodnight, & Deep Blue Sea) did a great job of keeping me in my seat. Even the predictable scares were acceptable as they went along very well with the strong plot.

Some of the special effects were quite good such a image of a little girl getting shot in the head at point blank range. The CGI produced hyenas were not (i'll admit) very good, but the savage scene were they rip a boy apart was well done. Expect some crosses to be upside down and a couple of things to move supernaturally as well as the classic infestation of flies.

There is a nice little plot twist as the movie nears its end and that was a welcomed surprise. The movie ends with Lankaster re-gaining his faith in God and exorcising the demon face to face. He saves a precious soul even as the horror spreads through out the entire population of the village and the British soldiers sent to secure the site. Lankaster returns to the Vatican once again donning his priest's collar and calling himself Father Merrin, ready for whatever God may have in store for him.
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*END SPOILERS*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

A true horror fan should see this movie on the big screen and enjoy it for what it is then judge for yourself.

"Yesterday I got so scared, I shivered like a child. Yesterday away from you, it froze me deep inside. "


Friday, August 20, 2004

A Rotting Dead Break

No real post today, but please feel free to explore my blog. Click HERE to read the horror short story I recently posted in 3 parts. Check out the Movie Talk section for my thoughts on a growing list of horror movie reviews. Visit some of my friends by checking out the list of Blogs that I frequent. You can also see all the Cure songs I have highlighted thus far. And don't forget to read the Fine Print.

Have great weekend!

  • Today's Cure song is The Caterpillar from The Top CD-(1984) This is another song where lyrics may not actually reflect any real meaning. A real fun song to listen to though.

"You flicker and you're beautiful, You glow inside my head"


Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Exorcist

With the upcoming release of “Exorcist: The Beginning”, I thought it fitting to post my thoughts on the original, which after 30 years is an undeniable horror classic. “The Exorcist” is a shocking tale of a diabolical demon possession. This movie is based on the novel by William Peter Blatty, which spent 55 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list. The book is an excellent read and most definitely one to be read with all the lights on! Recently we purchased the audio book version read by the author himself. It is a most chilling experience to hear Blatty’s expressions and intonations as he reads the words to his novel.

The movie was a fantastic screenplay rendition of his novel released in the USA on December 26, 1973. Capturing the elements of the demon possession with frightening clarity for its time. The film begins when Father Merrin, while on an archeological dig, encounters an ancient evil that warns of an upcoming battle. Cut to a suburb of Washington where a girl named Regan MacNeil (played by Linda Blair) starts out as a normal 12 year old. When she begins talking to her mother about her imaginary friend Captain Howdy, things get a little strange.

Supernatural occurrences like the classic bump in the attic began to disturb the mother as she sees Reagan’s health deteriorating. Medical exam after exam fail to show any cause her state of illness. The suggestion of an exorcism takes root in the mother’s mind and eventually she contacts the church. Enter Father Damien Karras, a priest who just happens to be going through a religious crisis himself, questioning his true beliefs. What ensues is a battle of Good vs. Evil to free Reagan’s soul from the devil’s grasp. Can Father Karras exorcise the demon? Maybe, with a little help from senior clergyman, Father Merrin.

The special effects are pretty good for the time. The now classic head spin and the green puke spew were spectacular in 1973. When this film was released it met with high criticism and negative audience consequences that included fainting, vomiting, and even a rumored miscarriage due to the violent content. Banned for video release in the UK and other countries for many years, this film has now found cult status among horror fans the world over.

The movie garnered a Golden Globe award for best picture and racked up 10 Oscar nominations of which it won 2 (Best Sound) & (Best Writing/Screenplay). “The Exorcist” grossed millions at the box office and was second only to “The Godfather” for most of the 70s. To date, it is the 13th highest grossing movie of all time.

Rent the original tonight and get ready for the theatrical release of the new prequel movie on Friday!

  • Today's Cure song is "Let's Go To Bed" from the Japanese Whispers CD - (1985) According to Robert Smith, this is "a nonsense set of words to complement what I then considered to be a hideous piece of 'commercial' pap ... but it grew on me...!!!" Another song I consider to be classic Cure.
"But I don't care if you don't, and I don't feel if you don't. I don't want it if you don't, and I won't say it if you won't say it first."


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

In the Dead of Night (Conclusion)

And now for the conclusion of...

In the Dead of Night

"Frank saw many different wrenches, screwdrivers, and hammers on the floor. He picked up one screwdriver about six inches long and placed it in his back pocket. He also saw, in the midst of various sizes of bolts and sockets, a crowbar. It was slightly bent and no longer held its original luster. He picked up the crowbar and figured that it might serve useful in a close encounter with one of those...dead. Yes, dead, that's exactly what they were, walking, hungry, dead.

Frank looked up and noticed that several zombies had moved in front of the shop. They had not focused on him yet, but they undoubtedly would see him when he left the shop. The first thought he had was to check for a back door. "All shops have a back door," he mused. Frank made his way to the back of the shop and found a short hallway extending from the main counter. He figured that the back door should be at the end of the hallway. His hands however, would never feel the object of his search. He saw the entire area surrounding the back door and the end of the hallway cluttered with large beams of steel.

The back door was blocked by the smoldering remnants of the supporting walls lying across the floor. There had indeed been a fire in the shop and it had brought down the back wall of the shop onto itself. He turned and headed back towards the front of the shop. There were more of the dead than before in the parking lot. He stepped softly as he moved forward, but the crunching sound of broken glass grinding together underfoot was still too loud. One of the zombies turned its head looking into the shop is his direction and Frank stood still.

He watched as the ghoul silently stared right at him. Then it began to walk towards him and let out a deep gurgling moan. The sound made Franks skin crawl and he knew the others would hear and follow. As he stepped out of the shop, the large group of zombies moved in on the shop from all sides. He made a break for the main street, quickly passing two of the nearest zombies with their out-stretched arms.

Near the curb on the West Side of the shop, stood a lone zombie. It was the only one directly in Frank's path of escape. He ran forward and heaved the crowbar overhead. Then he swung at the zombie's head just as he neared the curbside. The zombie moved slightly to Franks left, as the crowbar was about to make contact. The blow struck the ghouls shoulder and scraped its neck as it missed the thing's head. The zombie stumbled a few steps and toppled onto the asphalt of the street as the crowbar dropped away fromthe two of them. The momentum of the swing pulled Frank forward and off balance, and then he fell.

As the zombie slowly stood erect, Frank had time to stand and look for where to go from there. The group of zombies that were gathering near the shop entrance began to moan in unison as they moved in Frank's direction. Frank ran up the street from his neighborhood and could see the ruins of the buildings that once stood on either side. Smoke was issuing from almost every building, and so were the zombies.

As he ran, he saw the fast food restaurant, the gas station, and his favorite bar; all filled with the living dead. He felt an overwhelming sense of doom as he remembered all the different moments he had spent having fun, getting the things he needed, and simply living life. Now, here he was running like a fox chased by hounds, running for his life, and running the wrong way! He stopped his run with both feet hitting the pavement at once and caught himself from falling.

He realized that he had run into the heart of a highly populated suburb. He choked on a quickly inhaled breath as he saw his fate around him. Hundreds of the ghouls were milling about in their thoughts of the dead. Then they saw him, and heard the fading echoes of his footsteps. The moan that had once been coming only from behind him now rang out in his ears in full surround stereo.

The sound of so many dead caused Frank to lose control of his bladder and he trembled as the warm liquid seeped down the front of his pants. He looked around, and from every possible direction they came. In an ever-tightening circle the zombies moved in closer with clawing hands and hunger in their sunken eyes. He punched and kicked at the zombies, and even stabbed at a few with the screwdriver he had. He fought until the first bite sank into his shoulder.

Another bite into his leg caused him to twist around and let out an agonizing scream. One after another, the ghouls continued to devour him and the loudest sound that could be heard was his scream. A scream of terror and of pain, a scream that echoed out into the night, a scream that caused Frank to bolt upright in his bed!

As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he could feel the beads of sweat cascading down his face. The same sweat that had saturated the pillow and the sheets he now tossed aside. "Holy Shit!" He put his legs over the edge of the bed, reached over and clicked on the lamp. "That's what I get for watching all of those horror movies," he said aloud. He washed his face and changed into a fresh tee shirt. Then he went into the living room and sat on the couch. He figured he would watch a little television to clear mind of the sunken-eyed faces that still flashed before his eyes.

He clicked on the television and surfed around until he saw a re-run of Gilligan’s Island. It was one where the castaways built a bicycle car out of bamboo and coconut shells. He always got upset about how absurd that invention was. Then an announcement broke in with an Emergency logo across the screen. The announcer sat with unbelieving paranoia in her eyes, and Frank's expression froze.


Thank you so much for reading my story. Comments and critiques are welcome as always.

  • Today's Cure song is "A Forest" from the Seventeen Seconds CD - (1979) A Cure classic! This song, driven by a fantastic bass line, makes you feel lost in the forest Robert sings about!

"Suddenly I stop, but I know it's too late. I'm lost in a forest, all alone"


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

In the Dead of Night (Part 2)

And now Part 2 of...

In the Dead of Night

"Humph, only in the movies Frank," he told himself. He thought he might as well try to find an open truck anyway, because he did not fancy the idea of running through all the ghouls he would eventually encounter. Up, over the fence, and down he dropped to the ground on the other side. There were seven trucks parked in the depot and in the distance he noticed the main gate was open.

He looked in all seven of the trucks, but no keys were left hanging at the end of his rainbow. What now? He had never tried to hot-wire a vehicle before, but he was a college student so why not give it "the old college try?" He hopped up into one of the cabs and slid the steering wheel up to its highest position. He ducked his head underneath the dashboard, pulled down the wiring, and broke into frenzied laughter. He knew he was probably not going to get lucky, since he hadn't the slightest idea which wires needed to be crossed. After several minutes of trying different combinations, he sat up and drew a breath.

In the coolness of the cab, he sat and listened to the noises of the evening. The sound of sirens filled the air and what could have only been explosions rang out in the distance. He knew he should keep moving, but where should he go? He needed some kind of protection, which is one of the reasons he left his apartment in the first place. "The Pawn Shop!" he exclaimed out loud and to his surprise. Surely there would be something there he could use to protect himself. Since there were not many living people that he could seein this area, he figured that maybe it had been evacuated. His apartment complex was located just ten minutes from the downtown area, which is where the first reports had come from. The other possibility was that the people ran away in a mass panic and probably had already looted all the stores, including the pawnshop.

Whatever had happened, he had to check it out before he went any farther. Then he realized that he would have to double back in the direction he had come from because the pawnshop was on the other side of his apartment complex. "Great." As he opened the door of the truck, he saw that a group of zombies had moved into the trucking depot.

There were more than twenty of the zombies converging on the door on the driver's side of the truck. He slid over to the passenger's side and opened the door. He climbed out and onto the roof of the truck just as a couple of the ghouls made their way to the door. From the roof, he could count about twenty-five of the dead beginning to surround the truck.

Two things in the air, which caused him to stagger back, immediately flared his senses.He heard the unearthly moans that streamed into his ears as a horribly foul odor rose up to fill his nostrils. One of the dead was attempting to climb onto the hood of the truck. When Frank saw this, he decided to make his move. He leapt to the next truck's rooftop again and again until he was on the last truck, as the zombies slowly followed his actions. He jumped down off the truck just as the first of the zombies neared him.

He ran from the truck depot and headed towards the pawnshop. As the sound and the smell of the ghouls were left behind, he slowed his pace and began to look ahead for others, living or dead. At the first intersection, he saw several cars and trucks scattered throughout the area. An apparently large fire had blackened two of the cars. A few figures were moving about near an abandoned gas station and Frank realized that the staggered movements were not those of the living.

He stayed near the shrubbery and the buildings that lined the East Side of the street. So far, none of the zombies had noticed him. He moved along in silence, keeping an eye out for every moving shadow. After a few more yards he saw the pawnshop in the distance. It looked as though it had already been looted and had sustained some fire damage. "Fire?" he questioned to himself. He realized that earlier he had heard sirens bellowing out in the night, but the sound of them had now moved away. It appeared that the events, which took place here, had happened some time ago, though the smell of smoke still lingered in the air. The smoke was accompanied by an ever-growing stench, which Frank quickly recognized.

Nausea grew within him as his lungs filled with the putrid stink of dead flesh and his head began to swim. Light-headed, he stopped behind one of the small buildings.He buckled over and grabbed at his stomach and the last meal he had eaten spilled out onto the ground. He stood up after a few minutes, wiped the tears that watered his eyes, and spat out the last bit of bile-laden saliva. He gulped in some fresh air and put his head against the wall to steady himself. He looked around to see if his actions had attracted any attention.

Seeing that he was safe, he continued onward to the pawnshop. He entered through a glass-less window frame on the far right side of the storefront. As he had suspected, all of the guns were taken. The tile floor was covered with broken glass and bullet casings. He sifted through the rubble in the middle of the shop. He found only broken guitars, busted stereo equipment, and several cabinets that had been reduced to shards of particleboard.He decided to make his effort whole-hearted and checked the corners of the shop as well.

He moved pieces of melted jewelry and threw aside different bits of plastic handles and hardware. He moved a large table to one side and a clanking sound on the debris-covered tile caught his attention. He looked down to see an array of tools that had been displayed on top of another table. No doubt the mob that ran-sacked the place, were uninterested in this table with all the weapons there were to be taken. What might he find?


Tune in tomorrow for the exciting Conclusion!!

  • Today's Cure song is Holy Hour from the FaithCD - (1981) One slow,dark,dreary tune that seems to be about disappointment in either religion or love. There are some abstract lyrics from this dark time in the band's history.

"I sit, and listen dreamlessly. A promise of salvation makes me stay."


Monday, August 16, 2004

In the Dead of Night (Part 1)

Well you have all had a chance to sample my dark poetry(If not, please see previous posts The Burning & Deadly Rift ) Now allow me to treat you to my very own horror short story. This is a tale I wrote and had web-published on The Homepage of the Dead. It is a zombie story titled...

In the Dead of Night

Frank was breathing hard as he came around the corner of the building. He stopped short and slammed his back against the wall. His heart was pounding hard in his chest as he thought for a moment of what was happening, and how it had begun. He had been watching a re-run of Gilligan’s Island. It was one where the castaways built a bicycle car out of bamboo and coconut shells. He always got upset about how absurd that invention was. Then an announcement broke in with an Emergency logo across the screen. The announcer sat with unbelieving paranoia in her eyes, and Frank’s expression froze.

"Reports are continuing to flood in, that dead people are coming back to life and attacking the living. This is not a joke nor is it a hoax. All across the nation at this hour, broadcasters from our affiliates and the major networks are echoing and confirming reports that people who have died, are returning to life. These once dead individuals have been seen biting, killing, and in some instances eating their victims. A reporter from this station, out on routine assignment, was attacked in this fashion and is presumed dead. We have disturbing footage taped from the downtown area where our Bill Watkins was reporting on the demolition of the St. Clark Hotel."

The images flashed through Frank's mind. A confident Watkins, who was standing in front of the hotel babbling something about posterity, was suddenly distracted by a man coming towards him from within the condemned building. After a few seconds of unanswered probing, the individual came close enough for the camera to capture a close up of the apparently deceased man before he began clawing and biting Bill Watkins. The footage ended after the camera had fallen to the ground, Watkins' screams had faded, and the cameraman's screams echoed through the abandoned hotel entrance.

The tear soaked face of the announcer returned and she continued, "All local station broadcasts are to be replaced by the National Civil Defense Network this evening at 6:00 p.m. Please stay indoors and keep your television tuned to this station for continuing updates." Frank shook his head to clear the bloody images from his mind, and took a deep breath. After he saw the first report, he had tried to reach his family on the telephone. He found that there was a constant busy signal that probably meant that either the lines were overloaded or communications had been halted by some government agency. He assumed that this agency had already been in place to deal with the crisis. Either way he was unable to reach anyone and was now alone in the situation.

The thought of the dead returning to life was not all that incredible for Frank. He was a student at the local university and was often in the campus library. He was frequently reading and researching a myriad of topics, including the supernatural. He had read an article reporting that a village in Sierra Colorada, South America was plagued by some kind of virus in the late 1970s. The virus was said to have revived the dead and cause them to become flesh-eating creatures. The incident resulted in over 4000 deaths and hundreds of missing persons reports. All cases were reported in only a matter of days.

He had also reviewed a document that was submitted to a government office by a couple of scientists, which dealt with Bio-technological Advances. They claimed to be responsible for allowing some mutated human specimens to escape from their laboratory, located in Pennsylvania. They stated that the specimens were extremely dangerous and were to be treated as bio-hazardous contaminants. Following a string of murders and mutilations tied directly to the escaped specimens, the two scientists were arrested and the specimens finally captured by the National Guard. No "official" public report of the story was ever released after that particular document surfaced, nor were the scientists heard from again.

The fact that real zombies were actually appearing here in the city made Frank wonder how it could have started. He began to ask himself questions. How could this really behappening and why? How many were already in the city and of those, how many were active in his immediate area? What was he going to do now? A rustling of feet against the pavement jarred him out of his pensive state. He chanced to peer around the corner into the alley that he had just run through; to get away from the ghoul infested parking lot. A single figure darkened the alley entrance and was moving its head from side to side as though sniffing the chilled night air for something...or someone.

Frank darted away from the building and ran along the metal fence that separated his apartment complex from the trucking company depot in the next block. He rushed ahead beside the fence until he came to a grass, covered field where the fencing turned and extended to his right. He looked to see if the lumbering figure was in pursuit, it was not. He thought of how quickly things had seemed to fall apart around him. After he hadtried to reach someone by phone, he had looked out through his living room mini blinds to see what was going on outside and that is when he saw the first of the zombies.

He knew that staying in his apartment with no contact to others and no means of protecting himself was a very bad idea. He would eventually need more food and would not like spending the rest of this crisis alone. He saw several of the ghouls moving about downstairs in the main courtyard. There were only a few, but more were coming in from the parking lot. As he scrambled down his staircase, he saw that there many apartment doors wide open, but there was no normal activity for this time of night.

He had hidden behind one of the large dumpsters for a couple of hours, watching the zombies walk around. He thought about where everyone had gone too, was he the only one left in this neighborhood? No dogs barking, no people running and screaming in the midst of this crisis, how had he missed it? One of the ghouls was getting closer to his hiding spot, that's when he had decided to run through that alley. He swallowed the lump forming in his throat and considered his options. He looked out over the trucking depot parking lot. What were the chances of finding one of the trucking rigs with the key in the ignition?


Tune in tomorrow for PART 2!

  • Today's Cure song is One More Time from the Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me CD -(1987) A break from the heavy bass that usually overshadows the Cure's tunes, however not any less melancholic. A sadder flute song you will never hear. This is a song of longing and the desire to touch the eternal.

"Take me in your arms tonight. Take me in your arms, just one more time"


I'm back.

It was a long weekend. I will post something more enjoyable to read later.


Thursday, August 12, 2004

Speaking of Ghosts

Another reason I wanted to post about ghosts today was due to the recent activity at our apartment. There was this riding stick-pony toy that belonged to our 4-year old, it was one that sings and plays horsy sounds and stuff when you push the little buttons on the ears. Great toy up until yesterday.

My wife told me that it was playing it's happy little song "I'm a little pony, clippity clop, clippity clop..." but no one pushed the buttons. She wasn't sure if our son got up from his nap to play and then jumped back in bed, so she took out of his room and put it in our room. Lo and behold, as it was lying against the wall it started playing the song again with no one pushing the buttons. My wife decided to explain to our son that it must be broken and threw it out. But it was surely Creepy!

This is not our first encounter with possible ghosts. In our first apartment together we had a lot of ghost activity. Shadows that move when you are looking directly at them, sounds from the other room when there is no one there-not even a pet, and our cat used to stare and hiss at things that were not visible. The pony toy was one of the first times that we have encountered something in our new apartment, so we are happy to say that it was just broken. (At least that is what will help us sleep at night)

Got a real life ghost experience? Share in the comments section.


I was recently telling my friend Nicole about a few of my favorite ghost movies. So here is that brief list.

"The Haunting" - 1963 The original ghost story with little special effects making the main push of the story psychological (which if often the most frightening).

"The Fog" - 1980 A classic ghost tale of revenge starring Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Janet Leigh. Also featureing John Houseman, Tom Atkins, and Hal Holbrook.

"What Lies Beneath" -2000 Harrison Ford & Michelle Pfeiffer star in this tale of a ghostly secret.

"St. Francisville Experiment" -2000 This is a documentary-style film but slighter better than the Blair Witch project. I like the spooky feel to this one.

"Rose Red" Mini-series - 2002 Here is a Stephen King classic in the making! A great series that is now available on DVD which tells the story of a haunted mansion.

Now I also like the following movies for a good scare:

  • Thirteen Ghosts
  • Poltergeist
  • The Entity*
  • The Amityville Horror*
  • The Shining
  • Legend of Hell House (with Roddy McDowall)
  • House on Haunted Hill (with Vincent Price)

*These movies are more about demons but have great ghost-like moments and scares!

  • Today's Cure song is "10:15 Saturday Night" from the Boys Don't Cry CD -(1979) This is a great song that showcases Robert's guitar versatility. Slow, rhythmic, and the wailing!

"Waiting for the telephone to ring, and I'm wondering where she's been.
And I'm crying for yesterday, and the tap drips..."


Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Another poem from my canon of literary works:

The desire is powerful, pulling at me.
The oxygen leaves my chest in sporadic tatters.
The sickness rises and threatens to consume me.
I walk away, I try to run, but it is always there.
A dark cloud, a black aura, a shadowed doorway opens before me.
I reluctantly step through and something wicked greets me,
welcomes me home to Hell.

"Oh don't talk of love" the shadows purr. Murmuring me away from you."Don't talk of worlds that never were, the end is all that's ever true"


Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Creepshow” The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have Being Scared. This movie, a great collection of short stories, is a tribute to 1950s style comic books “Haunt of Fear” “Vault of Horror” & “Tales from the Crypt”. George A. Romero and Stephen King bring five tales of terror to the screen with some awesome special effects by the genius make-up artist Tom Savini. A haunting musical score by John Harrison (who also did the score for “Day of the Dead”) keeps the chill in the air throughout the five stories. Framed within the pages of a comic book, each story is told as the pages are turned and the terror comes to life.

To begin, elements of a wrap around story are presented about a young boy named Billy and his angry father played by Tom Atkins. The father slaps the boy as an overzealous discipline and throws the boy’s horror comic in the garbage. Something creepy takes place and we are invited by a ghastly spectre to the Creepshow.

The first story, featuring Ed Harris, deals with a demented old man returning from the grave to get the "Father's Day" cake his murdering daughter never gave him. Savini’s zombie effects make your skin crawl.

In "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill" Stephen King stars in this segment (based on a short story he wrote titled “Weeds”) as a slack-jawed farmer who discovers a meteorite with strange radioactive powers that makes plant life grow exponentially and in unexpected places.

The third tale is about a vengeful husband burying his wife and her lover up to their necks on the beach. "Something to Tide You Over" presents a serious role for Leslie Nielsen and also features Ted Danson & Gaylen Ross (who starred in Romero’s 1978 classic Dawn of the Dead)

The fourth story is about a savage man-eating creature that has lain dormant in a crate under the set of stairs in a college for about 20 years, until awaken by a local professor played by Fritz Weaver. When he tells his friend Henry (Hal Holbrook), things take a twisted turn. “The Crate” also features a love to hate character played by Adrienne Barbeau.

The final story “They're Creeping Up On You “ is about an ultra-rich, obsessively clean businessman who gets his comeuppance from a swarm of cockroaches. E.G. Marshall plays an excellent eccentric and meets a most grotesque end.

The comic book closes and we are brought back to the second segment of the wrap around story where two garbage men are collecting trash and one finds the horror comic. We are treated to a cameo from Tom Savini who discovers that a coupon for a voodoo doll has already been cutout. Perhaps Billy already ordered that and his father may live just long enough to regret treating him so mean.

  • Today's Cure song is "One Hundred Years" from the Pornography CD-(1982) A thundering drum and a whining guitar brings dreary imagery to this classic from their early days.

"The pain and the creeping feeling, a little black haired girl. Waiting for Saturday, the death of her father pushing her. Pushing her white face into the mirror."


Monday, August 09, 2004

The Burning

Today, another sampling of my dark poetry. This one was written last year.

The Burning©

The fires rage on the horizon for all to see.
Acrid smoke fills your lungs as you run from death.
Away from the flames, you flee into the dark, lost.
You collapse when you can run no more, your breath in ragged spurts.
You turn to find you are cornered, the heat of their breath is upon you.
Fear rises and you begin to weep as you realize the next burning begins with you.

As always I am happy to receive comments, critiques and complaints. Of course, as would be expected, I don't particularly like complaints but I will accept them...:-)

  • Today's Cure song is Never Enough from the Mixed Up CD - (1990) This song was first released in the UK on a CD titled "Absolution". This is guitar heavy song, a great tune with a jumpy rhythmic drum accompaniment. The Mixed Up version of this song was the first time most Americans heard it. Mixed Up was a collection of 9 Cure hits remixed for fans as we waited for new material between 1989 and 1992. According to Robert, "This is the record that drunk Cure fans should listen to, it makes you feel really good, which is unusual for us." I personally really like all of these versions.

"One more time to fill it up, one more time to kill. Whatever I do it's never enough"


Saturday, August 07, 2004

His Royal Badness!

Incredible! After more than two decades of making music and finally getting inducted into the Music Hall of Fame, Prince still sings, dances, and performs like he is in his prime!

The 2 hour 40 minute Prince show last night (First of two here in Houston,TX) was absolutely spectacular. The main setlist was as follows:

Let's Go Crazy
I Would Die 4 U
When Doves Cry
Baby I'm A Star!
D.M.S.R-(feat Pass the Peas)
I Feel 4 U
Controversy (with a little of Sheila E's "Love Bizarre")

Georgia on My Mind (Featured Maceo taking center stage doing great Ray Charles tribute)
Then Renato gave us a "Sometimes It Snows In April" medley

The acoustic set:
Little Red Corvette
I Wanna Be Your Lover
Raspberry Beret
Prince And The Band
Alphabet St.
The Rules>On The Couch (Showing his great sense of humor as well as blues skills)

Then the band joined back in for the second main set:
Sign O' The Times
Pop Life
Let's Work
U Got The Look
Life O' The Party
Soul Man
Take Me With U

Encore Set:
Beautiful Ones (A very nice treat)
Nothing Compares To U
Purple Rain

John Blackwell blew me away with his thundering intro to "Shhh" and this is where the real party started!!

I really liked Renato's "Sometimes It Snows In April" instrumental while Prince changed outfits.

Prince also did a little Beyonce action and commented "Oh lawd I ain't got no botty y'all, Houston can I borrow some booty?!"

The Rules/On the Couch blues session was fan-freakin'-tastic! Watching his genius flow acoustically was more than worth the price of the ticket. "Y'all can leave if you want to, I'm just jamming."

Finally, "The Beautiful Ones" was a sensational way to start the three song encore set.

Ahhhh, Satisfied in Houston!!!!

(P.S. In honor of Prince's great show last night, there will be no Cure song featured today. Much love to Robert Smith and the band, but today is Prince's day to shine. Wish I could go to the second show!!)

Friday, August 06, 2004

Purple Goth

Tonight is the first Houston,TX show for the Prince Musicology tour. I am so very privileged to be attending the event. I am a huge Prince fan as well as a fan of The Cure, perhaps someday they will tour together.
Yeah, that's it, The Purple Goth tour!! I am going to work on starting that movement!

It is fascinating how the two are nowhere near the same genre or sound, but both hold great inspiration for me. One reason I highlight a daily cure song is because I love their music and it fits very well with horror topics whereas Prince's music is more for dancing, snapping your fingers and making love.

So, for tonight I will be setting down the dark Cure mantle to don my purple aura for an evening with Prince!

  • Today's Cure song is "Dressing Up" from the The Top CD -(1984) This is one quirky little tune off of an import album that got little exposure in the US. This whole album is kind of deranged in nature and Simon Gallup's presence is definitely missed. The lyrics for this song are mysterious and are sung in a very dreamy state. Still an interesting arrangement and I love the flute notes.

"Dressing up to kiss. Dressing up to be all this "


Thursday, August 05, 2004

The Stand

A movie review of Stephen King’s “The Stand” - The End of the World is Just the Beginning. As with many of king’s works, you either love it or hate it. This 1994 adaptation of one of his most popular books of the same title is a two-disc, 360 minute journey through a classic end-of-the-world scenario.

The Story:

In a U.S. military facility/research lab in California, something has gone hideously wrong: a ferociously potent killer virus has escaped. It is an unstoppable mutated strain of the flu virus that wipes out 99 percent of the world's population. The last 1% are people who are immune to the superflu epidemic.

This is a perfect tale of an end times confrontation between Good and Evil among the survivors. These survivors are slowly drawn together on one side or the other. The ones who choose the path of light or goodness are average citizens with some central core of virtue. The ones who choose the path of darkness or evil are ones who have had misfortunes heaped upon them and you are not sure if you hate them or pity them. Those who choose evil follow Randall Flagg known as “the walking dude” or “the dark man”. Those who choose good follow Abigail Freemantle also called “Mother Abigail”.

The Movie:

There are some excellent roles played by an equally superb list of actors and actresses including Gary Sinese, Laura San Giacomo, Ray Walston, Rob Lowe, Molly Ringwald, Miguel Ferrer and Ossie Davis. Featuring performances by Jamey Sheridan as Flagg and Ruby Dee as Mother Abigail. There is also an extended cameo by Stephen King.

What I like about this movie (after seeing it for the 20th time) is the very wonderful King flavor of the story. It is long, detailed, and gives you moments of great chills. The opening scene, set to the thrust of Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper," is a creepy wave of imagery showing the many who have already succumb to the virus. King presents the remaining population is this movie adaptation almost as well as the descriptions in his book, populating the landscape with several genuine characters.

This is one of his best book-to-screen adaptations ever. Presented as a television mini-series, this Emmy Award winning t.v.-movie makes a fantastic transition to DVD. The acting was honestly good enough to bring King’s story to believable life. Gary Sinese plays an fantastic Stu Redman from Arnette,Texas! The role of Fran Goldsmith could have been better if played by someone a little less 80s iconic than Ringwald, but in the end she did a great job and ‘fits’ the character quite well.

As a King fan I find this movie captures the book’s essence quite well. I have read the unabridged novel several times and always watch the movie soon afterwards to have the great follow up experience of seeing battle of Good and Evil played out before me on the Not-quite-so Big screen. If you like King, if you like plot twists, or if you just want to see a good long horror movie on a Saturday afternoon, check out “The Stand”

  • Today's Cure song is "Us or Them" from the new self titled CD The Cure - (2004) This the first time ever that The Cure has released a self titled album. A great tune Robert belts out in his classic angst style.

"No I don't want you anywhere near me, I don't want you anywhere near me,Get your f**king world out of my head. "


Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Deadly Rift

I have mentioned that I am a writer so today I wanted to share a sample of my literary endeavors. The following is a poem I wrote in 2001.

Here is the obligatory warning: Contains imagery which may be disturbing.

Deadly Rift©

Through the gateway it ascended to this world of prey and light.
Seeking whom it might rip of innocence, virtue, of life.
Swiftly it made it's way across this once abudant, fertile land.
Reaping the lives of all who occupied the sky, sea, and sand.
With crimson fangs of steel and ebony eyes, it tore into to each soul.
The victims having one last vision of darkness, terror, and cold.
Blood stains drying on it's face, death reeking from it's jaws.
None could escape the might of it's wings nor the fury of it's razored claws.
It finally returned from whence it came with not a single sound.
And as the portal slowly closed, the last human slumped to the ground.

Let me know what you think.

  • Today's Cure song is Primary from the FaithCD - (1981) A face paced song with snappy guitar riffs from thier third CD. A great song to contrast the slower,dark,dreary tunes from this session that can bring tears to your eyes.

"The further we go, and older we grow, the more we know, the less we show."


Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Demons 2

Here is the long awaited review of Demons 2 -(1986)!

Okay, so it was not so long awaited but I did promise a review last week, so here it is. This is a terrible movie. Not terrifying mind you, just terrible. Dario Argento fans will want to see this one anyway if for no other reason that to see Bobby Rhodes (the wise cracking pimp form the first film) return to spout off more nonsense as a gym instructor turned survivor mob leader.

This time around the setting is an exclusive high security apartment building. The demon invasion takes place this time as a result of a televison show about demons. Fairly good special effects (brought to you by returning master Sergio Stivaletti) bring a demon out of the t.v. to possess Sally, a 20 something birthday brat. A few growls and transformations later and the horror is running rampant. Suddenly the building is locked down. A supposed state of the art facility with automatic locks, bullet proof windows and thick steeled garage door make for an inescapable death trap.

Now in regards to sequels, I must say that Argento put a little thought into how to follow his original story, a television invasion instead of a movie screen, a locked apartment building instead of a locked theatre, and only a few actors return in completely different roles. A much lighter toned movie, Demons 2 should not be viewed without an understanding that it probably funnier than it was meant to be. There is even a horrible little demon which screaches very loud and makes you think "Hmm, I am not scared as much as I am annoyed by this demon muppet!"

There is plenty of gore which helps to make it worth wasting about 90 minutes especially when you get to see a dog turned demon attack. *L* Very chessy. But as a fan of both horror and Argento, it was worth watching this kind of decent idea from the Italian king of horror, even though it felt rushed. Which makes a lot of sense when you consider that this sequel was release one year after the first. The ending was not as predictable as you might think, so maybe it can be appreciated by the average horror movie watcher afterall. The soundtrack this time around leans heavy on punk with selections from The Smiths, The Cult, Peter Murphy & Dead Can Dance.

  • Today's Cure song is Numb from the Wild Mood Swings CD-(1996) This is a very melancholic tune about drug abuse. Dark and gut wrenching if you have any experience with abuse or know of anyone who has been through such.

"Yeah everything is too unfair, everything too much to bear, he doesn't have the strength left for the fight."


Monday, August 02, 2004

Surviving the Zombie Plague

The dead are returning to life to consume the living. Why? Allow me to explain. You have no doubt seen one of the hundreds of documents similar to this one. This is just another one. Perhaps you have read one before, perhaps you are thinking "Ug, not another one!." or Perhaps you have NEVER ever read anything of this sort before. Either way, you are here, you may as well read on..:-)

There are so many theories as to the cause of the zombie plague. The most popular being:

  • Virus
  • Chemical (accidental)
  • Chemical (Biological Warfare)
  • Extraterrestrial Origin (Radiation from Outer Space)
  • Armageddon

There have been mention of several of these in various movies but few have come out and stated the cause specifically. Perhaps that adds mystery to the plot. In any case, there are numerous websites on the subject and articles out the wahzoo! Again this is just one blogger's point of view.

In the end (no pun intended, seriously) the fact remains the same. The dead rise and attack the living. They comsume some but many are only partly eaten and therefore rise to join the ranks of the living dead. This process can be explained by all of the theories in question. A virus could be transmitted, a chemical can have a reaction on tissue both living and dead, and even fulfillment of some biblical prophecy lends credibility to such events.

What may be most important to focus on is survival. There are certainly logical reasons for supporting a research effort to solve the problem, however until such a solution is reached survival should be the main focus. Survival of us as individuals, as a society, and as a species. So we must learn the basics in order to survive.

Rule #1: Learn how to destory the enemy effectively. Zombies do not fuction without direct stimulation from their brain. Unlike the living dead parody series titled "Return of the Living Dead", zombies will indeed cease to function once their brain has been destoyed or removed from the rest of the body. So please note the following ways in which a zombie can be stopped.

  • A gunshot directly to the brain. -This includes a single bullet right between the eyes which shatters the brain within the skull cap, a shotgun blast to the head which explodes all the contents, and multiple shots to the head which shred the tissue within.
  • Severing the head from the body.-A sharp machete will do the trick. Please remember that this calls for close proximity and requires honed skill. So be sure and practice!
  • Burning the body completely.-The flame thrower is a favorite among zombie hunting enthusiats, but remember a well placed malatov cocktail can also do the trick. If you plan to reamin in the area please make sure the brain has been consumed by the flames before you consider the ghoul destoryed.
  • Smashing the brain to bits.-Of course if you have no other weapons but a handy baseball bat, use repeatedly. With enough blunt force to the same area you can eventually smash the vital organ. If you have no weapons at all, do not use your fist. Run away and find something else!!

These methods are tried and true and should be considered basic training to anyone expecting a zombie plague. You know who you are....;-)

Rule #2: Never go out alone. If you do not have eyes in the back of your head (like some moms do) you cannot see something creeping up behind you. And please don't spout that crap about zombies making enough noise due to their clumsiness, you obviously have not seen enough horror movies to realize that when you least expect a danger to appear that is when you will most likely be attacked.

Rule#3: Don't go into buildings if it is not absolutely necessary. Food and water can be found out in the open just about everywhere (fruits, vegetables, animals, lakes streams, rivers) as can places for relieving yourself & staying clean. Going into a building for other items of need (guns, gas, generators, medical supplies) require a group effort, which you cannot participate in if you have not followed Rule #2.

Rule #4: The concept of friends and family ends with contamination. If a person is bitten or scratched by a zombie, chances are they will die and turn into the living dead. Do not wait for this to happen. Since times vary due to level of contamination, it is best to say a quick prayer with/for them and exterminate them with no reservations. Sounds cruel, I know but we are talking about survival here at all costs.

Now, what about all this Mall business? Holding up in a mall may sound like a pretty good idea,but please consider that you will be there (providing there are no break ins or deaths on the premises handled incorrectly) for about 10 years. You see evidence suggests that a reanimated body will continue to function until the decay of rot reaches the brain tissue. So even as zombies find walking no longer possible (due to the extreme usage that comes from wandering around looking for live human flesh) they are still deadly as long as their arms and mouths still work.

So I suggest skipping ahead directly to an island get away. Get about 50 of your closest friends and find a remote island, clear it of any existing zombies and spend about 15 years soaking up some sunshine. That should be plenty of time to return to the mainland and scope things out. Of course if others were not as smart as you, (poor saps who never took the time to read this blog for example) there may be a couple thousand zombies still wandering around. Good luck taking back the mainland and starting over.

  • Today's Cure song is "Play for Today" from the Seventeen Seconds CD - (1979) This is a song from their second album released in the United States. It has the classic guitar riffs of their early work which make it a very singable tune!

"It's not a case of telling the truth,some lies just fit the situation. Call me a liar, you would anyway"